Internal Mixture jet Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle

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Internal mixing Air Atomizing spray nozzles - Liquid and air mixed together within nozzle and dispensed through a single orifice. A change in air flow will affect the liquid flow. This makes precise metering of the liquid more difficult than with an External Mix Set-up. Internal Mix set-up are able to produce the finest atomization, but they are generally not suitable for use with liquids which have a higher viscosity.

This Air atomizing nozzle flow like a jet spray nozzle pattern. This is not a straight jet spray nozzle pattern (where the jet stream with a spray angle of 0 degree) but a full cone shaped water flow.

All Internal mixing Air Atomizing spray nozzles can works up to viscosity of 250 cP. Internal mix nozzles are available in three patterns: narrow angle round pattern, wide angle round pattern and flat fan pattern. we have 1/4 models and made up of SS316 material.

Other materials available are brass, SS304 and Duplex steel or based on customer requirements.

Specification of Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles Internal Mixture:


Material SS316
Liquid Cap orifice diameter 0.5 mm
Connection Size 1/4" Inch NPT
Size of Square body 22 mm
Other materials Brass (Chrome Coated), Duplex Steel

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