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SYNERGY SPRAY SYSTEMS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vairous models of flat fan spray nozzles in India at best price. 

A flat fan spray nozzle serves the purpose of spraying onto a surface or an object moving in a transverse direction with respect to the direction of the jet, a typical example being the nozzles in a car washing tunnel. Usually flat fan spray nozzles are designed based on the customer spray pattern requirements.
Flat fan wide angle spray nozzle manufacturer in india chennai


INLINE FLAT FAN (Pressure nozzle) :
This is the general purpose flat fan nozzle where the liquid enters the nozzle in line with the axis length and is fed to a pressure chamber from where it is ejected through the nozzle orifice. Flow value and spray angle are determined respectively from the orifice cross section and the orifice edge profile.

INLINE STRAIGHT JET (Pressure nozzle) :
Straight nozzles can be considered as flat fan nozzles as the only difference is the spray angle which is zero degrees in solid jet nozzles. These nozzles are often used in high-pressure operating environments where the wear resistance of the nozzles is very important. It ensures optimum service life and spray orientation. Apart from the standard brass, 303SS and 316SS, Synergy Spray offers these nozzles in a wide range of wear resistant materials. 
Flat fan wide angle spray nozzle manufacturer in india chennai


INLINE FLAT FAN (Pressure nozzle) :
Spray Angle: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°
Flow rate lpm at pressure from 2 to 10 bar: 2 to 170 LPM
Connection: 1/8" to 1/2" NPT / BSPT / BSP (Both Male and Female Connectors)
Materials: Brass, SS-316, SS-304, Mild Steel, Hastalloy, Titanium, PVC, Plastic, Nylon, PVDF, PP.

Materials and specification can be customized based on application and requirements.

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What is a flat fan nozzle used for?

These are the most common nozzles used for turf applications and produce a fine to the medium droplet. Spray coverage is excellent but drift may be a concern. Air-induction These nozzles produce a medium to coarse droplet which shatters upon contact with the leaf blade to provide better coverage.

How does a flat fan nozzle work?

Flat-fan nozzles are widely used for broadcast spraying of herbicides. The band width can be controlled with the nozzle height and the spray angle. The low-pressure flat-fan develops a normal flat-fan angle and spray pattern at operating pressures between 15 and 20 psi.

Flat fan nozzles benefits

Excellent impact enables high efficiency.
Uniform liquid and impact distribution.
Particularly powerful jets at spraying angles of up to 60°
Flow geometry of the nozzle allows to produce accurate, compact jets.
Reliable documentation of nozzle performance data.
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