Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle


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We are engaged in manufacturing of Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle. Uniform distribution of water is crucial to maintain cooling tower efficiency. Synergy Spray system's nozzles are made of high quality plastic variants to ensure cooling liquid distribution is uniform over the fill atmosphere. These nozzles are high-temperature resistant and have a non-clogging design. Removing and replacing them is relatively simple and does not demand any downtime.

  • Low pressure, non-clogging design
  • Operational flexibility
  • Performance efficiency
  • Maintenance-free
  • Unique solid cone spray ensures uniform distribution


Design 1 Piece
Model standard
Thread Size 1/2" TO 1"
Orifice Diameter 15MM TO 25MM
Pressure 1-3 bar
Condition New
Material Grade PP, PVC, HDPE, Derlin and Nylon
Size (Inch) 1/2" TO 1''
Application Cooling Tower
Material PVC
Color Natural

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