Aluminium Wind Air Jet Nozzle

Manufacturer and supplier of wind jet nozzle, air jet nozzle for application to move parts, spray drying efficiently, cleaning parts and many other industrial applications.

MoC - Aluminium


Synergy Spray System Air nozzles are used for dispersing air or steam in a concentrated and straight jet. When using conventional aluminium air nozzles, air is blown through a single hole and the turbulence affects the quality of spraying application, creates noise and wastage of air. Air nozzles reduces the turbulence and have a flat fan or solid stream respective round fan spray pattern. Producing compressed air is expensive, which means it’s important to use it in the best possible way. Our air nozzles optimize energy use and enable quiet and efficient blowing with compressed air.

Air Nozzles sold by us are easy to fit in tight space and engineered to efficiently use compressed air for optimal blow-off force. Air nozzles are commonly used for blowing with compressed air in industry when e.g. cleaning, drying, cooling, sorting and transporting objects.


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