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Pond aerator from SYNERGY AQUAPRO have been developed which will sustain large quantities of fish and shrimp. Paddle-wheel aerator is surface aeration system which can be vertical shaft or horizontal shaft that producing a large air-water interface the transfer of oxygen from atmosphere is enhanced.The importance of Pond aerator includes the following advantages.

  • Reduces the concentrations of ammonia, nitrites and carbon di oxide.
  • Increases pH level of pond water.
  • Increases the carrying capacity of an aquaculture system.
  • Increases fish growth.
  • Regulates water temperature especially as this can affect dissolved oxygen (DO).
  • Used to control thermal stratification
  • Reduces fish mortality.
  • Enhances fish reproduction systems
  • Reduces level of salinity especially during time of low rainfall.
  • Increases pond productivity

We are the leading manufacturer of pond aerator system in India at competitive price. all components used are of standard grade materials and ISO certified pump.

Our Speciality:

  • One Year Warranty
  • 100% Virgin Raw Material Used
  • UV Protection to all plastic Parts
  • Double Layered Float
  • Single Mould Impeller / Fan
  • 304 Grade Steel Used
  • Heavy Duty Motor to withstand Voltage Fluctuations
  • Advanced High Efficiency Helical Bevel GearBox / Heavy Worm Gear Box .
  • 100% Made In India
  • Easy Availability Of Spares
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Motor Phase 3ph
Usage/Application Aquaculture
Air flow Rate (m3/h) 3 (m3/h)
Treatment Technique Clarifier,Fluidized Aerated Reactor
Service Area (m2) 0.25 m2,1 m2,5 m2
Model/Type 2HP – 4 PADDLE
Oxygenate Capability (kgO2/h) 0.13 (kgO2/h),0.25 (kgO2/h)
Bubble Diameter 3 mm
Float Weight 6.5 kgs Double Layered
Automation Grade Automatic
Type Of Aerator Surface Fixed
Voltage 415
Power Consumption 2.5 Amps
Weight 100 kgs
Application Waste Water Treatment
Motor 2 kw
Color Blue
Motor Power 2HP
Warranty 1 year
Type of Aerator Surface Floating
No. of Paddle 4

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