Water Mist Fire Suppression Sprinkler System Supplier in India

Mist Fire Fighting system Installation company

Synergy Spray systems is a integrator, supplier of Water Mist Fire Suppression Sprinkler System in India. We use customized pumping system and technology to control and suppress hazardous fire like Class A and Class B fires with automatic control system, Pipelines, pumping system and sprinklers placed stratigically.

Mist fire suppression systems offer several advantages over traditional fire suppression systems:

Efficiency: Mist systems use smaller water droplets, which increases the surface area of the water, allowing it to absorb more heat and extinguish fires more quickly.

Water Conservation: Mist systems use less water than traditional sprinkler systems, reducing water damage to the property.

Non-Toxic: Mist systems use pure water, making them non-toxic and safe for occupants and the environment.

Electrical Safety: Mist systems can be used in areas with electrical equipment, as the fine mist does not conduct electricity.

Versatility: Mist systems can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Fast Activation: Mist systems can be activated quickly, reducing the spread of fires and minimizing damage.

Low Maintenance: Mist systems require less maintenance compared to traditional sprinkler systems, making them a cost-effective option.

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