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  • Truck sanitizing disinfectant system
  • Truck sanitizing disinfectant system india chennai gurgoan mumbai delhi bangalore
At Synergy Spray Systems, we offer a wide range of Truck and Vehicle disinfection System in various Indian cities which effectively sanitize the whole body of the truck / Vehicles. Very effective Truck Sanitizing System.

Vehicle Disinfectant system is a modular system for the disinfection and washing of vehicles and chassis to prevent the spread of disease and viruses in animal breeding farms.

Its a ideal solution for factory and farms that need to comply with various and rigorous health and hygiene standards. 
Truck sanitizing disinfectant system india chennai gurgoan mumbai delhi bangalore


• High Pressure Mist Spray Pump – 70 bar or 1000 PSI pumpt
• Total mist nozzles – 50 Nos
• Approximate quantity of liquid required to sanitize pert truck – 3 liters approximate
• Activated through Photovoltaic Human sensor
• Connection through PU hose
• Height of the structure – 20 feet. width – 12 feet
• Structure details – 40 mm square fabrication on sides and 25 mm fabrication material on top.
• Misting system will have Strainer and filter to filter debris

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