Rain Gun with 80 meter diameter radius


Suitable for crops requiring over-head irrigation like coffee, tea, sugarcane & fodder crops.

Irrigation of turf /landscapes, horticulture and pasture fields

Dust suppression in construction, mining etc

Designed for both full-field and field-edge irrigation.

Technical Specifications

Available in 2" BSP/NPT Female threaded

Trajectory Angle: 270

Recommended Pressure 2.0 — 5.0 kg/cm2 or 30 — 70 Psi

Recommended spacing up to 36m for higher distribution uniformity


Uniquely designed for uniform distribution of water and engineered to offer constant speed in both forward & backward directions.

Adjustable unit for full circle & part circle operation

Jet breaker screw to change the water jet throw from heavy to fine droplets spray

High-grade aluminium Stream straighter ensures maximum irrigation area coverage

Manufactured for High Durability using

Engineered Plastics

Stainless Steel pivot pin, springs and bolt

Heavy-duty brass nut, tube & diffusor screw

Plastic arm spool for smooth deflection of sprinkler

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